Quality Not Quantity

I’m not too sure when I started to become extremely passionate about health and living an optimal life. From a very young age, my mother would scream and yell (very healthy, right) at us kids to put the pop down, no more computer, get outside and do something, you WILL EAT ALL THAT BROCCOLI!! Growing up, she was a tough cookie.

My mother, me, and Garmee.


Today, I finally understand her intentions.  Like most mothers do, she always wanted what was best for us growing up.  Like most children do, I only thought my parents were ‘the meanest people, evvvver’. I give my mother credit for so much of the person I am today and most importantly, for instilling in me a desire to achieve a state of optimal health.

So if you are wondering what type of eater I am, I am not a vegetarian (however, I have tried), vegan, or show intolerances to foods. I enjoy dorritos, coconut cookies, and dark chocolate.  My favorite foods aren’t tofu, broccoli, or hamburgers and yet, I can’t live without spinach, peanut butter, or cheese. I really love eating whole foods and try to stay away from processed foods as much as possible.  I would be lying if I didn’t mention that they still pop in my diet frequently. One day, I’ll eventually banish most of that horrible food from my fingers and mouth.

Now a days, I look at food in a different way then most people I know.  I believe strongly that food is meant to bring fuel to our bodies.  What we put in our bodies will effect how well we do or do not function at performing certain tasks.  I try to look at food and see nutrients and energy first, taste and satisfaction second. I am lucky enough to be someone who enjoys vegetables so usually most food I do intake is also of satisfying quality.  Phew!

I want to live until I am 92 years old and still be able to walk and skip down the hallways (dream big, as I always say!) It is important to me that I make choices today that will only be of value to that goal.

I simply live a lifestyle that promotes a quality not quantity approach.


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