My life as of lately (in pictures!)

Yup. I am officially the President of ISU’s Eta Sigma Gamma chapter for next year.  This is totally random of me to run for an executive position, let alone president, but I am totally going to rock at this. I’m so excited for the responsibility and new opportunities!!!!

No, I’m not a robot or a high fashion runway model (that is what you were thinking, wasn’t it?!).  This was a picture from this weekend. I actually had friends visit and we went out and had such a great time! This weekend was actually ‘Fools Fest’ at ISU.  The whole town of Bloomington normal freaked out for two weeks prior.  The President of ISU sent notes home to parents, the mayor told the liquor stores that he was going to shut them down for the hours leading up until friday and for that weekend. Cops were out the Monday before patrolling students like crazy.  It was insane how much the school itself hyped up the day that it actually never turned out too crazy.  It was just a typical weekend, just like the students were all telling everyone to begin with.  They just put a name on it.

I play bags a different way. I like to throw them at my future roomie while he is down. The weather on Saturday was so beautiful!

It is hard to find too many words for this picture above. Yes, it is a penis cookie. A chocolate chip penis cookie.  I didn’t make them but I found it super hysterical. Immature, maybe? Delicious, yes it was!

I spilt yogurt everywhere.  I lost the picture of my gym shoe, which was where the container initially fell.  

After the yogurt incident… I continued making my smoothie.  The result?  A poop colored  looking smoothie.  Apparently I used too much spinach.  It wasn’t very appealing to look at as I ate it but the taste was still awesome. I’ll call that a win still.

Got a little dressed up for initiation. Wooo, Eta Sigma Gamma

Ready to go on a run. Those shorts are my favorite. They helped me run 5.5 miles the other day.  I’m supposed to be training for a half marathon for the beginning of may… but I think I am going to have to push the race day to another day.  My training is lacking.  I need to figure out how to make it a priority!

At the ISU Women’s basketball game.  They made it to the final four and it was my first time ever watching my school’s basketball team.  That might make me a horrible Redbird, but at least I went to one before I graduate. It was so much fun!!

Random picture of a night out in Naperville.  Also, a first time out to those bars.  Also, so much fun!

I have a lot of new going on in my life and I can not express how liberating and exciting it feels! I’m living a life more open-minded and am trying to explore new hobbies and options for my future. I used to sit back and expect things to just happen.  Now, I am being proactive and creating a life that I am proud of! I think everyone needs to embrace the changes that may suddenly occur in their life and try to look at them in a positive way.  It is so important to make the best out of situations and keep an optimistic attitude.  Life is to be lived, so live!


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