Motivation, is that you?!

There comes the time when there are days you just don’t want to tackle. AT ALL. You’d rather pull the covers over your head and go back to sleep to dream.  You begin your work day and you find yourself impatiently waiting until the clock hits five so you can go home to nap, put your feet up, and veg.  Or simply, you are too lazy to find motivation to even do the days easiest tasks.

Lately, that last scenario describes me. I am not sure if it is the weather or the sudden stress that has slapped me in the face, but I can not kick this state of being unproductive.  So, I’ve decided that I need to sit down and reason with myself about this current, unbelievably annoying state of negative thinking and lack of drive.

Positive things to do when the day lacks some motivation:

1. Take a walk. Being out doors always inspires me to get things accomplished.

2. Make commitments. Write it down or tell a friend. Having people count on me doing something or being somewhere keeps me responsible.  Even telling people my goals keeps me responsible and sets up a level of commitment. Holding true to my word is something I have always taken seriously.

3. Find the good in what you are supposed to be doing.  Say it is ‘do laundry’. If I wash my clothes, my room will look nicer.  My outfits can improve dramatically since the everyday wear won’t be just a tshirt and sport pants.

4. Set time limits.  My room needs to be cleaned. I should set a timer for 10 minutes and clean/pick up as much as I can in those 10 minutes.

5. Cross off the task.  Long to-do lists are daunting.  It seems like the longer my to do list is the more I find myself pushing things off… I need to remember to cross off a task before I write another one down. Then there is that whole self satisfaction of crossing something off a list to bring motivation.

6. Just do it. Simply, the slogan is genius.

7. Pump up the jams.  Music makes me liven up and gets me excited.  Positive feelings motivates me

8. Remember your goals. Staying focused on what you want to accomplish and why you want to accomplish things can help motivate me.  Remembering that I am so close to getting a 4.0 keeps me on task.

9. Call a supportive friend/family member. Sometimes turning to someone who is known to be positive and simply make you feel good is all it takes to find the motivation to get off your butt.

10. When you have it, go with it… with everything you have. Motivation is not a constant thing.  Some days there will be more drive and when those days occur, don’t stop until you feel satisfied.  The more you get done on those days the more a sense of accomplishment you have which could ultimately bring positive action to the next few days to come.

What do you do to stay motivated when stress levels are high?


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