Hello, Chicago

My friend just moved to Chicago about a month ago so I just HAD to visit her the second I came back home for the summer.  She got an amazing job just out of college that is located right off of Wacker Drive. The view is amazing!

The pictures were taken off of my phone.. I couldn’t imagine what they would look like with a decent camera!

The adventure first began by getting lost coming out of the train station. Who would have thought it would be so time-consuming trying to find Washington, the right way to go on Washington, and then an alternative route when the side-walk was closed due to construction.  I am very jealous of all you smart phone users out there. After I eventually found my way, to Wacker, I was too busy trying to locate my friends building that I didn’t first realize the views.  Thank goodness my friend had to come down from the 32nd floor, I had just enough time to take in the surroundings. Oh, were they beautiful!

After she gave me a tour of her place, we quickly hopped on the L. Nothing like a blistering hot day and crowded public transportation! We finally arrived at the stop, unbeknownst to me, it was also the stop that I recognized from making trips to the Cubs game. My friend forgot to tell me that she was five minutes away from Wrigley Field! She is living the life, I tell ya!

We stopped off at another new establishment for me, Whole Foods! The one we visited is located in Boys Town and I am so glad that this was the location I got to have my very first Whole Foods experience at. I am so addicted to both the store and neighborhood!

Yes, I just had to take a picture.

So, the beautiful night ended with watching the Bulls beat the Hawks at a local bar and consuming some wine and beer ($12 pitchers apparently are deals in the city, yikes!). I absolutely fell in love with the city all over again.  Seriously, I have become obsessed. I am determined to move to the city after I graduate (or for my internship?!)… in less than a year!! I can’t pass up such a beautiful and happy location!

Now, time to start making goals and progress that only complement this move!

  • Save up money (I should probably get a decent job)
  • Work as a CNA my last semester/during my internship (decent pay for a college student)
  • Land an amazing internship (it is all about networking!)
  • Find an extremely rich, handsome man to provide me with penthouses and Jimmy Choos I joke. Self-reliant is the way to be! (Aren’t you proud, mother!?)
  • Save money
  • Work my butt off in the internship- Hello, letters of recommendation!!
  • Land a sweet job or go to graduate school… in the city, of course
  • Convince my best friend to make the move with me

That’s all for now! Hope everyone is having a fantastic Wednesday!

Goooo Bulls!

xoxo Kaitlin!


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