Unannounced Leave of Absence

Oh, summertime,

Why must you bombard me with 11 credit hours and clinicals, along with tying up loose ends on the honorary I lead?  I thought Summer was supposed to be a time for relaxing and long nights out with friends laughing until the wee hours of the morning. I thought I was supposed to be laying outside working on my tan before I head into work for the day. Did I miss a memo?? I sure hope not.

Summer can we be friends again!? xo,

an extreme summer fanatic who would like to enjoy the days more


My life has been pretty boring  and I don’t dare bore you with my daily activities (wake up, make coffee, run, shower, care plans, study, write a paper, eat, class 3-7/clincials3-10, finish paper, bed. repeat.) I have only a couple more weeks of my class and about a month left of summer. I have goals to set and things to accomplish for myself in the upcoming month!

I’ll update next time with my ’30 day goals’ list! Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday!

My beautiful running trail through a state park. Ahhh bliss.


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