Five goals for 1st marathon

Saturday, I will embark on my very first 26.2 trek! I’m nervous, giddy, and beyond excited to finish the greatest endurance event that I have committed to.


I’ve known since November of 2011 that I would be running the Illinois Marathon come April 2012. My initial training program started then, only to be sidelined a few short days later by mono. Boy, was I bummed. Therefore, my ‘early training plan’ was cut short, and thus begun January 1st.  During the first two weeks, my running was on track and my long runs were already around 8 to 10 miles. I was ecstatic that I was off to such a great start!

And then came the horrendous shin splits. Oh, did those blow.

I was again sidelined for a few days during the week just to ice and massage my shins so I could run a few miles on the weekend. It was a never ending battle. I soon lost a lot of interest in running because it was so painful.  My training was going down hill.


I  love KT Tape.

Soon it was mid-March. New attitude and a new pair of shoes. I had approximately 5 weeks of GREAT training ahead. My longest run was about a week ago: 19 miles. That run went better than I expected it to go and thus provided me with the confidence I hold now-just two days before the greatest race of my running career.

With that being said, I’ve thought of a few goals that I want out of the race. In no particular order, except for my number one goal… which is number one, here they are:

5. Finish under 4.5 hours.

     Besides just having finishing as a goal, I would like it to be some what respectable. I believe that it will be more than doable to finish around a 950 mile pace.  I want to go slow and steady!

4. Do not poop myself

    Seriously, but joking. Mostly serious though, kinda. I have a slight fear that this will happen. You don’t hear about it too often but I am educated enough to know that losing bowel control is a possibility. Please pray this doesn’t happen. (Half joking, Half serious.)

3. Remember to smile! and have fun!

   I want to look back on my experience and remember how much fun I had when I was at the start line joking around with everyone, when I split from the half marathoners and felt the joy that there was no turning back, and at every add station and stretching spot. I want to remember enjoying myself and all the support around me.

2. Stay mentally strong

   This has been a concern during training. I’ve recently discovered that it is very important for me to repeat mantra’s in my head and believe in myself. One foot in front of the other!


    This is by far the most important goal of the day. I just want to finish. Whether it be on my hands and knees, respectfully log rolling to the 50 yard line, or miraculously jumping for joy as I cross, I just want to get there. I will be the happiest human being once that occurs!!

So that is that. Until then it is staying hydrated, sleeping soundly, and carb loading.

Wish me luck!!


One thought on “Five goals for 1st marathon

  1. good luck!!! Enjoy your first marathon, the experience is going to be amazing. Push through and believe in yourself!!!!

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