Sometimes in life we are overwhelmed by the feeling of accomplishments.

At the end of July, I completed my first half marathon!!! I started training for this race in the beginning of July.  I had a local 10k that I was training for leading up to July and because of inclement weather where the race was being held (three hours to my north), I could not participate in the 10k.  Instead of sitting around waiting for another race, I put on my running shoes and ran 7 miles that night. I needed to prove something to myself. That I was capable of running that distance since prior to that day I only had reached 5 miles (without walking) in my training for the summer. That night, after a few days of thinking about registering for a half soon (I have been talking about running a half for about a year), I signed up for a half. It was two weeks away!

I don’t know what overcame me to make me sign up for it. Maybe it was an outside influence or the fact that I kept thinking, ‘just do it’.  I am so glad that I did!! I trained hard for the next two weeks. My mileage for those weeks increased 10fold and I was running hills and doing speed workouts like it was my job.  I was on a mission.

I remained calm and never let myself get too nervous or anxious.  Deep down, I knew I could run the distance even though I only trained to run 9 miles. After a certain point, running is mental.

I have never, ever experienced a wave of emotion like I had experienced during the last quarter mile.  The race was all hills and I somehow kept a positive attitude.  I knew I was about to finish the greatest challenge I have ever put myself in.  The last straight away, I put my hand over my mouth to keep in the emotions that were trying to bust out.  I picked up my pace and ended up sprinting.  Right before the finish line was a tunnel that all the runners had to run under. The tunnel was filled with parents, friends, husbands/wives, brothers/sisters, and other race enthusiasts.  It is amazing what a crowd can do for a runner.  I finally crossed that finish line with a time of 2:12 and was handed the most cherished medal I have ever earned. -Actually, I think it is the only medal I have ever earned.

My second half is at the end of August! I am nervous, excited, and completely obsessed with everything about half marathons! I wonder if I will feel a more intense feeling of accomplishment during and after? I surely hope so.