Peanut butter jelly, bread and butter

I have been sooo swamped! My life hit a few speed bumps right after I started this blog and then my courses dropped bombs of homework on me. This was not the way I anticipated entering into the blog world.  I’ll be writing a post worth while very soon! I just am in need to getting my ducks all straight and orderly behind me.

I did learn something while being gone though… I don’t do well with stress and staying organized. Something to work on…Happy Monday!

Beautiful <–Good tune to bring good vibes

xoxo Kaitlin


Quality Not Quantity

I’m not too sure when I started to become extremely passionate about health and living an optimal life. From a very young age, my mother would scream and yell (very healthy, right) at us kids to put the pop down, no more computer, get outside and do something, you WILL EAT ALL THAT BROCCOLI!! Growing up, she was a tough cookie.

My mother, me, and Garmee.


Today, I finally understand her intentions.  Like most mothers do, she always wanted what was best for us growing up.  Like most children do, I only thought my parents were ‘the meanest people, evvvver’. I give my mother credit for so much of the person I am today and most importantly, for instilling in me a desire to achieve a state of optimal health.

So if you are wondering what type of eater I am, I am not a vegetarian (however, I have tried), vegan, or show intolerances to foods. I enjoy dorritos, coconut cookies, and dark chocolate.  My favorite foods aren’t tofu, broccoli, or hamburgers and yet, I can’t live without spinach, peanut butter, or cheese. I really love eating whole foods and try to stay away from processed foods as much as possible.  I would be lying if I didn’t mention that they still pop in my diet frequently. One day, I’ll eventually banish most of that horrible food from my fingers and mouth.

Now a days, I look at food in a different way then most people I know.  I believe strongly that food is meant to bring fuel to our bodies.  What we put in our bodies will effect how well we do or do not function at performing certain tasks.  I try to look at food and see nutrients and energy first, taste and satisfaction second. I am lucky enough to be someone who enjoys vegetables so usually most food I do intake is also of satisfying quality.  Phew!

I want to live until I am 92 years old and still be able to walk and skip down the hallways (dream big, as I always say!) It is important to me that I make choices today that will only be of value to that goal.

I simply live a lifestyle that promotes a quality not quantity approach.

My shins say, “ouch”

So I believe I have shin splints, the posterior kind.  My inner, lower shin is hurting on the side and it is tender to the touch.

I’ve had this before and I want to say that it has gone away on its own.  Though this time I feel like I need to not believe it will go away on its own. What steps can I take? I am concerned because, I am training for my first half (I am only at a distance of 5 -6 miles) and I have been doing all of my running on a treadmill.

Is anyone familiar with shin splints? I am currently in the process of  r.i.c.e and also will be starting to do calve stretches.  Could these shin splints occur because of the type of treadmill I am running on. It hurts worse when I am on a treadmill that has 3 inch treads and then a space and 3 inch treads and so on. If that has a name for it…

If anyone has any insight, I would love to hear it!

Fail, double time

So I’ve been scratching my brain as to how I should begin this post.  I guess I’ll start here:

January 10th. It is a Monday and a special day because it is the first day of spring classes.  My class schedule was nothing big.  Class at 10, 11, and then 1.  NBD, right? Well so I thought.

I began the day just like I would any day. Wake up, immediately shower half asleep, make coffee, dry hair, get dressed, maybe or maybe not put on make-up (however, tinted moisturizer is always a must in my life). Anyways, out the door I went, 15 to 10.

So the good news. I successfully made it to class on time.  First class was easy breezy.  My professor incorporated an “ice breaker” and we all went around the room to one another asking a thought provoking question.  Like I said, it was a success.

11 am came along. I met up with some friends from last semester and snagged a seat by them.  About half way through, I seriously YELPED out in class (at this time the teacher was passing out papers and was distracted, thank goodness). My YELPING caused everyone around me to look, of course.

Now you are probably wondering why I had this sudden burst of emotion during a class when it is pretty much dead silent.



Ugh, so let me go through this again.  I walked out of my house without noticing my shoes. I went to my first class, which was when I firsted noticed some hotties looking my way (woohoo!), I mingled with classmates as we all were walking around the room asking each other questions. I of course did this with two different boots on.  I walked on the quad for the second time of the day to my next class.  Again, hotties (And probably the females were looking too, I of course just didn’t notice them) were looking my way (double win)… anyways. You get what im saying. NO ONE SAID ANYTHING TO ME!!!

Dramatic moment, yes of course.  Embarressing moment, well kinda.  Ruin my day moment, no way.  I laughed so hard and proceeded to show everyone around me (what else was I to do?!).  If that wasn’t a great way to start the semester I really don’t know what is.

Anyways, enough with that. NEXT FAIL MOMENT:

When a certain situation happened today, I could not help but hit myself in the head. WHEN WILL I LEARN?!

I wore my slippers to borders today on accident. Now of course it isn’t as big of a deal as the two pairs of different boots incident (one was a grey dirty, salt ridden boot and the other was a brand new pair of black boots. Both tall) but I honestly could not believe that I had another shoe malfunction.

Pass for a pair of flats?! Oh, I hope so.

Lesson learned to look down at my shoes?!? I sure hope so. Three shoe malfunctions in less than a month in a half is, surprisingly, not on my to-do list.


Happy Monday!

So today is Monday.  And I’ll leave it at that.

I made a delicious breakfast before my 10am class. I had time to spare because I THOUGHT borders would be open at 9am. Nope. 10am if you live by me. So to make my time useful, Whole Wheat Pancakes were made (yes, those words are special in my life and need to be capitalized). Aunt Jamima style. Let’s not get too crazy and think I made them from scratch.

The strawberries hit the spot. I inhaled this whole plate in approximately 45 seconds. Yum.

Yes. ‘Twas good.

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful day! It is about 50 degrees and the sun is shining so brightly in central Illinois!  You know what that means… Jog outside! in my new pretty pink asics. Oh, what a worlds difference they feel compared to my old Nike shoes.

Gotta jet!

Fine, I’ll say it.  Happy Valentines Day! XOXO